If you are looking for consulting, research, or development services, get in touch immediately by writing to hello@datakolektiv.com about your needs. Ali inquiries will be processed and answered in no more than 24h. Thank you.


There are two contexts in which we act as consultants:

(a) when a client is in a need of an in-depth analysis of a business problem and demands a set of insights, questions answered, and typically a report or a presentation delivered;

(b) when a client needs to automate a data acquisition, pre-processing, ML and inference pipeline, and deliver an anaytics application or an automated, regularly updated report.

In the former context we act as researchers and business analysts, while in the later we act as full-stack software engineers.


We are specialized in and have an extensive, immediate experience in the solving any of the following problems:

We never go for off-the-shelf solutions immediately. Every new business problem is assessed as a unique case and the choice of the appropriate tech stack is suggested along the lines of that initial analysis.


Track Record

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Contact: hello@datakolektiv.com

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