Goran S. Milovanović, Phd

I founded DataKolektiv in 2017, following almost twenty five years of my career in academic and applied science and research. In 2017 - 2022 I have worked with DataKolektiv as a Data Scientist for Wikidata, certainly the largest and arguably the world’s most complex Open Knowledge Base, providing full-stack Data Science services: from ETL/pre-processing in Big Data systems, ML, and towards serving hand-crafted dashboards in virtualized production environments. Here is my Wikidata Analytics System repo. In the meantime, DataKolektiv has also been at the forefront of innovation, offering expert consulting services to premier Swiss banking institutions and leading global technology-oriented market research firms. We’ve also played a pivotal role in enhancing the skills of numerous professionals in Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning across local and Western European markets. Pioneering in the realm of AI, we’ve educated many in AI development, particularly since the emergence of Generative AI systems, positioning ourselves as one of the earliest consultancies to embrace this new technological era.

I have co-edited and co-authored five books on Internet user behavior and attitudes, encompassing theoretical aspects of the development of Information Society and Internet Governance. In my academic track I have done a lot of work on human associative and semantic memory, concepts and categorization, statistical causal induction, and judgment and decision making under risk.

In my professional and academic career I have educated hundreds in methodology, statistics, psychology, Data Science, and AI. I program computers since 1984, and that would be the 8-bit era. When I was sixteen, I have published my first review of a PASCAL compiler, and wrote my first scientific paper when I was nineteen. Since then I live in the intersection of computer science, mathematical statistics, and social sciences.


Aleksandar Cvetković, Phd

Aleksandar has completed doctoral studies in Applied Mathematics in Italy (GSSI - L’aquila, SISSA - Trieste) doing scientific research in the field of control and optimization. He is an author and co-author of several scientific papers published in leading international journals. Aleksandar has many years of experience in the ML industry and education, with a focus on machine learning, 3D computer vision, graph neural networks and hardware acceleration of ML algorithms. He is currently in the gaming industry.

Ilija Lazarević, MA

Ilija graduated from the Master Degree Program in informatics at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Kragujevac, Serbia. He has ten years of experience in the software industry, holding various positions including engineering team lead. Ilija has five years of experience in ML for recommender systems and regression models in real estate, betting, and gaming domains.


On our professional training in Data Science…

Radmila Veličković, DATA SCIENCE SESSIONS VOL. 0 :: Introduction to R for Data Science 2020/21

Whenever I took a course in R, it was really just about programming itself, without deep focus on what is under the hood and explanations of concepts applied. Goran did it both. During the course, I could catch up with statistical and Data Science concepts while learning how to implement that in R and on the way understand how R “thinks” when executing the code. I would totally recommend the course both for new and advanced beginners as well as to anyone who would like to pave the way towards data science.

Heike Thomys, DATA SCIENCE SESSIONS VOL. 1 :: Introduction to R for Data Science 2021/22

There are a lot of possibilities to study on data science topics out there. But there are few, focusing on non-tech participants but are still offering in depth knowledge. Goran perfectly combines both aspects in his course. He is a great teacher, bringing a lot of expertise with him. His course is carefully build up and offers a lot of supporting materials. He is always encouraging and open for a one-to-one discussion on specific topics.

I really enjoyed taking his course and learned a lot. I recommend it warmly!


The summer school held by Goran is really great. He is a lecturer who knows how to transfer knowledge and give an example from his experience. That means a lot. A lot can be learned and mastered on the course, the material is covered thoroughly and Goran has it adapts to each person regardless of previous knowledge.

Goran is open to all questions and conveys all his love for DS to the students. I highly recommend it!


The Summer School program is fantastically designed, providing unlimited interaction and maximum support to acquire all the necessary foundations in the field of Machine Learning. Inspiring and innovative lectures were supported by many practical examples intended to motivate the participants and lay the foundation for further professional development. The course justified all my expectations, and I owe a great deal of gratitude to Goran for the acquired confidence in my new professional decision.


Having the experience working as a Machine Learning Engineer for quite some time, I know how hard it is to fully grasp new concepts in Data Science. With Goran’s experience both in academia and in industry, as the instructor he is able to explain in simple terms, and point out potential challenges in applying these concepts in everyday work. Therefore, fruitful discussions with him would be my most valuable take from the course, and the reason I would recommend this course to not only beginners, but seasoned practitioners as well.


The Machine learning in R Summer School has come at the right time for me as I will soon start working as an intern at a firm. A thorough review of the most important machine learning models and a special emphasis on the problems that arise when creating the same models are a great way to introduce beginners in this field to the whole story. Goran is an excellent lecturer and is maximally dedicated to the needs of the school’s students. In addition to lectures and homework, he offers constant support on Slack.

Jelisaveta Milovanović, DATA SCIENCE SESSIONS VOL. 0 :: Introduction to R for Data Science 2020/21

Excellent course! Overall, Goran’s Introduction to R for Data Science is an ideal mix of theory and application using the R programming language. My personal favorite was the continual explanation of how each DS topic fits into the bigger picture which enables course participants to continue their education after the course. Goran is incredibly knowledgeable and articulate. I really enjoyed his personal experience with Data Science which keeps the curriculum up-to-date and relevant for the job market. I would definitely recommend this to both beginners in Data Science and professionals who want to refresh or expand their knowledge.

Milovan Minić, Introduction to R for Data Science

When working with data we more often than not feel overwhelmed with it. There is so much so obvious but way much more not obvious at first glance. It is almost as if you got a whole bag of Lego but that is just a pile of data and that is fine but you need to build something and transform a pile of data into a story, or show hidden information within. Before I met Goran, that was usually so hard that I almost felt pain while getting insights from data. Working with Goran brought a relief. Here I will mention another game I love a lot. It is like playing Super Mario and it is not hard to win the world with the highest score because you know where all the hidden gems are and how to pass level without getting hurt.

I cannot express how much joy it brought while working with data and yes, you have to play while working with data, hence games parallels.

Aleksandar Narančić, DATA SCIENCE SESSIONS VOL. 0 :: Introduction to R for Data Science 2020/21

This is definitely one of the best courses I have taken in the last couple of years. I was searching for a way to get into Machine Learning that wouldn’t be too basic but neither to advanced and Goran’s course has hit the spot with the level of detail provided in the course. The length of the course has also been very appropriate because it gave me time to digest knowledge and put the learned topics into practice. Aside from the technicalities, having Goran as a mentor helped me better understand the concepts that are part of the course’s curriculum due to his way of teaching that is always as interactive as it gets. The feedback that I was getting from him always helped keep me on track.

I definitely recommend this course to anyone that truly wants to enter the field of ML/DS.

Vladimir Mijatović, DATA SCIENCE SESSIONS VOL. 0 :: Introduction to R for Data Science 2020/21

Even if I am more interested in Data science from an executive / product management angle, I got from this course much more than I expected - simply the new dimensions of looking at problems opened up, and now I can see opportunities everywhere in my products. A whole new world to explore!

I can recommend it warmly - and those who are willing to invest hard work for the duration of this course (which is hard work initially, afterwards it’s pure pleasure) they will be rewarded handsomely.

Aleksandar Panovski, DATA SCIENCE SESSIONS VOL. 1 :: Introduction to R for Data Science

I sincerely enjoyed the course. It is well thought out, moves fluidly as the coding difficulty increases. I was really comfortable with the pace and although it did last for so long, it truly offers a lot. Goran is a great lecturer, always willing to pause and devote more time if a topic was cumbersome. The 1:1 were great, he gives you insights and advice which are very precious for a beginner. He goes in depth explaining what problems might arise or what ways you can improve your coding, selflessly offering material along the way. This has been a great experience which made me grow in a way I did not imagine just a few months ago. Big thanks.

Contact: hello@datakolektiv.com


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