The only real way of utilizing contemporary data-intensive solutions for any organization is to move them at the core of its operations. It is a change of modus operandi: those who change the way they think about their products and operations will be those who adapt to the new data-intensive environment. We offer a range of courses and workshops meant to empower you so that you can join us in a new conceptual framework from which we proceed together as an alliance towards your vision.

Introduction to Data Management

Note. This workshop is always customized with respect to the nature and the needs of a particular business, team, or organization.
A mother of a demo and a definite intro. This is a technically non-intensive workshop designed for the non-technical part of your crew that needs to incorporate the contemporary data-oriented thinking and awareness into its everyday operations. Understand what data structures are, how they are produced and managed, and how do we utilize them to make business and organizational decisions. What do Data Scientists do to help improve business decisions and operations? How to communicate with techies without learning a word of any foreign (i.e. programming) language? How to recognize what aspects of a product or a project can be improved by utilizing data-intensive solutions?

Introduction to R for Data Science

GitHub: Introduction to Data Science in R
Learn R, the mother, the lingua franca of Data Science programming languages. A technically intensive course meant for analysts, developers, scientists, and engineers. This course’s content and methodology were tested successfully on many occasions and in different contexts. A technical prerequisite is a knowledge of at least one contemporary programming language. We assume no previous knowledge of R and Data Science and then dive slowly but deeply into its data and control structures until we reach the level from which we can start formulating and testing Machine Learning models together. Introduction to the Theory of Statistical Estimation, the cornerstone of Machine Learning, is included. Basic data visualization from R is included as well. We work together until you feel confident to proceed on your own.
Ten weeks, quite intensive, a lot of homework, high returns for those who truly motivated to learn R programming and enter Data Science.

Advanced and High Performance R

Note. This course can be customized having in mind any specific needs and the level of the trainees’ previous knowledge.
For R programmers who are about to enter the realm of highly efficient, super-complicated, awesome R development. Prerequisite: a very good understanding of the topics covered in our Introduction to Data Science in R course. Learn how to parallelize the execution R code, efficiently process big datasets in-memory, interact with databases and APIs, the packages that you need to transform your toy ML solutions models to real monsters, and many more frightening things. No off-the-shelf solutions, the real thing, real datasets, real infrastructures.
Ten weeks, high-intensity training, real, only real, and nothing but a real Data Science experience.

Advanced Data Structures and Visualizations in R

Beyond data wrangling: from graphs to dataframes and back, JSON, XML, RDF, RDF/XML, XPATH, all imaginable serializations, parsing API responses and transferring to R structures suitable for analysis and visualization, enter databases, exit databases, do data.table, advanced object structures, design patterns, formatting data for advanced visualizations, scrape from websites, and many more.
Handle your data like a pro up to the level where yours is whatever is online and whatever unknown file extension it might have.
Six to ten weeks, depending upon the course customization. Highly intensive.

Front-end in R for Data Science

Design Shiny Dashboards, flexdashboards, and interactive Rmarkdown reports. Learn the most advanced interactive visualizations present in the R ecosystem. A systematic intro to reporting and reactive design for Data Science is provided along the way. A touch of aesthetics on top of your heavy AI/ML machinery.
Ten weeks. Very difficult.

Custom R Training

Already an R developer, but there’s just that one thing that you still need in your arsenal to become awesome? Very good. Oh, not an R programmer at all, but there’s that one package that you need to understand and you still need help to fight through the basic structure of the language? We can help.
While we are a bit more enthusiastic about training full-scale R developers for Data Science, we can sometimes jump in the middle of your problem and try to help you find a way out. Only had you’ve done your homework!